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that depends on the price of bitcoin But regularly 1 thBTC is worth 0.00100000BTC. It depends, the price may vary

If correct Clixpayu pays in bitcoin as long as you go to the Minimum withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal is 0.00030000 BTC

You can have unlimited referrals

How much you earn for each referral depends on what level you are.

We have up to 9 levels with which you can increase your earnings

The standard definition of a quorum in Robert's Rules of Order is that the majority of an assembly must be present to conduct business. That is, if there are twenty members of a group, eleven must be present to constitute a quorum. The same requirement for a quorum applies to PTCs, with one additional provision. The Handbook ( provides that absentee votes will be counted in PTCs, whereas Robert's Rules really do not provide for a mixture of absentee and in-person votes in an assembly

Bear depends on what level you are, you can see 10 to 1000

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